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Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE).

Motivating talented youth to take-up research as a personal undertaking

Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE) is one of the innovative programs by the Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India ( for attraction of talent to science.

Objectives benind Inspire Camp

To communicate the excitements of creative pursuit of science.
To attract young talent towards the study of science at an early age.
To build required human resource pool for expanding R & D base of the community.


Inspire program has three schemes

Scheme for Early Attraction of Talents for Science (SEATS)

Scheme for Early Attraction of Talent (SEATS) aims to attrct talented youth to study science by providing INSPIRE award of Rs. 500 to one million young learners of the age group 10-15 years for a duration of five years and arrange winter and summer camps for youth in various locations for top 1% performers in Class X Board examinations with global leaders in science to experience the joy of innovations on an anual basis through INSPIRE internship.

Scholarship for Higher Education (SHE)

Scholarship for Higher Educcation (SHE) aims to enhance rates of Attachment of talented youth to undertake higher educationin science intensive programmes by providing scholarships and mentoring through summer attachment to performing researchers. The scheme would offer 10,000 scholarships every year @ Rs. 0.80 lak per year for undertaking Bachelor and Masters levvel education in natural sciences for the talented youth in the age group of 17-22 years.

Assured Opportunities for Research Careeers (AORC)

Assured Opportunity for Research Careers (AORC) aims to attract, attach, retain and nourish talented young scientific Human Resource for strengthening the R & D foundation by offering doctoral INSPIRE fellowship in the age group of 22-32 years in both basic and applied sciences, including engineering and medicine. It offers assured opportunity for post doctoral researchers through contractual and tenure track positions for 5 years in both basic and applied sciences areas through an INSPIRE faculty scheme.


There are many benefits and scholarships from DST for young talents. Few of them are...

Once in a lifetime opportunity to interact with leaders in science to gain an insight of latest advancements in science and planning a career in science.

Speakers will be renowned academicians / Scientists / Padmashree Awardees / Bhatnagar Awardees from basic science background.



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