Books and Book chapters by Teaching Faculty

List of Books/Book chapter by Teaching Faculty

Sr. No. Author(s) Name Book/Book chapter Title Publisher and Year
1 Dr. Laxmikant R Zawar Recent Updates on In Silico Screening of Natural Products as Potential Inhibitors of Enzymes of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Importance 2022, Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd.
2 Dr. Laxmikant R Zawar A Textbook of Nutraceuticals 2022, Everest Publishing
3 Dr. Swati P. Deshmukh "A review on Acacia Species of Medicinal Value" book title Advances in Medicinal Plant Sciences. Integrated Publications Publication Year: 2022 page no. 121-137
4 Dr. Swati P. Deshmukh "Pharmacological Importance of Daucus Carota" Integrated Publications
5 Sopan Nangare, Prashant Patil, Ashwini Patil, Prashant Deshmukh, Trupti Powar, Jidnyasa Pantwalawalkar, Zamir Khan, Rahul Tade, Jayvadan K Patel, Pravin Patil Pharmacokinetics of Drug-in-Polymer Matrix-Based Nanoparticulate Drug Delivery System 2022, Springer, Cham
6 Shashikant Bagade, Dipak D. Patil, Atul Shirkhedkar, Chapter 14 - Standardization of herbal bioactives. Herbal Bioactive-Based Drug Delivery Systems,Editor(s): Inderbir Singh Bakshi, Rajni Bala, Reecha Madaan, Rakesh K. Sindhu,
7 Dr. P. K. Deshmukh, Mr. S. N. Jain, Dr. P. O. Patil. Dr. C. V. Pardeshi Vesicular Carriers for direct nose-to-brain drug delivery Academic Press, 2021
8 Dr. L R Zawar Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Everest Publications, 2020
9 Dr. P. H. Patil, Dr. Hitendra S. Mahajan Gel-based delivery of neurotherapeutics via naso-brain pathways Elsevier, 2021
10 Dr. P. H. Patil, Dr. Chandrakantsing V. Pardeshi, Dr. Hitendra S. Mahajan Hemicellulose-based delivery systems: Focus on Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Applications Springer, 2021
11 Dr. P. H. Patil, Dr. Chandrakantsing V. Pardeshi Targeting of Polymeric Nanoparticles for Glioblastoma Springer, 2021
12 Dr. S. B. Bari, YasminMomin, D. Jadge, V. Yeligar Textbook of Pharmceutical Analysis-I CBS Publisher and Distributors, 2019
13 Mr. S. Awati, Dr. S. B. Bari, S. Jadge Practical Pharmaceutical Inorganic and Organic Chemistry Carrier Publication, 2018
14 Dr. S. B. Bari and S. D. Firke Nomenclature of Organic and MedicinalCompounds NiraliPrakashan, 8/2017
15 Dr. S. R. Tambe, Dr. D. D. Patil, Mrs. A. P. Bhosale A Textbook of Pharmceutical Analysis-I Everest Publication, Pune, 08/2017
16 Dr. S. B. Bari, Dr. V. R. Salunke, C. S. Magdum Practical Approach in Quality Assurance inPharmaceuticals Career Publication, Nasik , 10/2016
17 Dr. S. B. Bari, Leonard L. Williams, Y. S. Jaiswal Theory and Practice of Chromatographic Techniques Pharmamed Press, Hydrabad , 4/2016
18 Dr. S. B. Bari, S. R. Baviskar, Mrs. P. Sathe, S. R. Barhate, P. J. Chaudhari A Handbook of Organic Chemistry Vrinda Publication, Jalgaon, 8/2016
19 Dr. S. B. Bari, Dr. P. S. Jain, S. D. Firke, B. M. Firke Industrial Psychology Sucess Publication, 6/2017
20 Dr. S. B. Bari, Dr. V. R. Salunke Steps in Quality Assurance in Pharmaceuticals NiraliPrakashan, 2015
21 A. Dixit, P. Tiwari, Mr. V. K. Chatap Text Book of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Studium Press Publisher, 8/2015.
22 V. K. Redasani, Dr. S. B. Bari Prodrug Design Elsevier , 7/2015
23 Dr. S. B. Bari, Dr. L. V. Sonawane, Mrs. D. N. Bhirud, Dr. B. N. Poul Practical Handbook of Pharmaceutical Analysis NiraliPrakashan, 9/2014
24 S. M. Honmane, D. R. Jadge, Dr. S. B. Bari, P. D. Chaudhari A Practical Manual of Pharmaceutics-I Career Publications, Nasik, 11/2017
25 Book Chapter : A. G. Patil, P. O. Patil, A. Jobanputra and D. K. Verma HerbalFormulations for Treatment of Dental Diseases: Perspectives,Potential, and Applications, Apple Academic Press, Taylor &Franceis, CRCGroup Publishers
26 Book Chapter: Dr. P. K. Deshmukh, A. P. Pandey, S. G. Gattani, Dr. P. O. Patil ‘Magnetomicelles: Theronostic Applications’ in “Encyclopedia of Biomedical Polymers and Polymeric Biometerials”. Taylor and Francis, 2014